Paypal or credit cards.
New training materials shall be published in our Web site.
Definitely – no. The patterns are damaged by heat sources.
Store in a cool closet, away from heat sources.
Before first use, as well as after every use, please clean the pattern in the sink with water and regular soap and then dry up.

After several uses it’s recommended to spread a bit of an edible oily substance, such as “Crisco”, margarine, palm oil etc, in a very thin layer.



This is a stamp with a personalized design. For example, your own personal logo, with which you’ll be able to stamp cakes, or a customer’s own request, so that you’ll be able to produce personalized cupcakes, Birthday best wishes, etc.

We recommend you watch the training clips in our Web site and receive detailed instructions.
Here is the link to the training clips:
Up to 10 work dayNo, the stamps are flexible and are carefully packaged prior to shipment.s after receipt of order.
No, the stamps are flexible and are carefully packaged prior to shipment.

This depends upon the shipment method:

  • Regular mail up to 2 weeks, mostly dependent upon your local mail services;
  • Fast shipment – mostly up to 3 work days, depending upon local customs services.
Regular mail, express mail, dispatching companies such as FedEx.
Yes we ship worldwide.